IQAC initialized the audit courses as instructed by University of Calicut in 2019 Regulations.

Semester 2.Disaster Management
IQAC and Department of Geology and Environmental Science started development of online course. Dr. Linto Alappat will be the course coordinator.

 Semester 1.Environmental Science

IQAC and Department of Geology and Environmental Science jointly conducted the Semester 1 audit course on the subject- Environmental Science. Dr. Subin K Jose was the course coordinator. The course was conducted online through the moodle Learning Management System of Christ college The video lectures were recorded in the Audio Video production facility and were uploaded in youtube to the benefit of all students of University of Calicut. 
Students from other colleges (124) also joined the course. Course was made available to all students through their moodle login. Exams were conducted online on moodle platform in the Chavara seminar hall. 

Total of 1091 students participated in the exam and 1010 students cleared exams in the first attempt. Certificates were distributed to students through class teachers.

List of Students who cleared Audit Course Exam -Environmental Science