1. Moodle@Christ (Duration- 6 hours)
This one day training will enable a teacher to grasp the usage of moodle the well-known free Learning Management software. The main course contents are Course creation, Assignment submissions, Attendance management and Exam management. If we are conducting training; your institution can offer moodle courses through our domain for one month free of cost or till you migrate to new one.

2. Enhance for NextGen (Duration- 6 hours)

This one day workshop on ICT for teachers will enhance your skills to engage next generation students.  The main course contents are
(a) Make your own website to host your video lectures, class notes and event forms.
(b) Make your own question paper generator software, Microsoft access
(c) Creating personalized online attendance entry system
(d) Conduct exams through google quizzes and watch results in your website
(e) Create your own internal mark entry system, Google sheets and microsoft excel for teachers
(f) Make your class lively-Classroom engagement using kahoot and socrates